Best Place to Work

Cloud Design Box

Established in 2015 by CEO Tony Phillips, Cloud Design Box is a Microsoft Global Training Partner specialising in intranet solutions for schools and businesses in the UK and worldwide. They provide consultancy, training, and CPD certified courses, and their YouTube channel offers a wealth of resources for SharePoint, Teams, and Microsoft 365 users. With an impressive 87.5% staff retention rate, they prioritise a close-knit, family-like work atmosphere, uniting around the common goal of enhancing education. The company actively promotes employee development, collaboration, diversity, and community engagement, making it a top workplace choice.

Hull Trains

Hull Trains is a standout employer, rooted in the Hull and Humber region for 23 years. They prioritise local talent, boasting high retention rates, and a strong commitment to promoting from within. Their dedication to equality and diversity is evident with a record 32% of female drivers, the highest in the UK rail industry. Flexible working options support work-life balance. Hull Trains is closely tied to the local community, allowing public involvement in naming trains and actively supporting charities. They also invest in health, safety, and well-being, ensuring a positive safety culture.


H&H, a leading independent UK employee experience (EE) agency founded in 2011, has transformed the work lives of over 5 million individuals across diverse industries. With an impressive 80% employee happiness rating, H&H excels in enhancing workplace connections, communication, and performance. Their vibrant culture, robust learning opportunities, clear career progression, community involvement, and commitment to well-being collectively make H&H a dynamic and fulfilling place to work. It stands as an outstanding workplace for professional growth and impact.

Business of the Year

Adams & Green

Adams & Green, a family-owned feed fat producer established in 2011, is thriving. With a market-leading position of 65,000 tonnes per annum in 2023 and a £74 million turnover, their commitment to innovation and customer-centric service is clear. They provide tailored solutions, 7-day-a-week deliveries, and maintain a diverse product range. Adherence to industry standards and quality assurance schemes ensures reliability and traceability. Beyond feed fat production, Adams & Green champions sustainability and offers exemplary customer service, making a significant impact in the animal feed industry.

Soanes Poultry

Soanes Poultry, established in 1947, is a family-owned poultry business in Yorkshire. It specialises in raising and processing high-quality chickens, serving a wide range of customers. Their success is driven by a commitment to quality, local economic contributions, and significant investments in infrastructure and staff training. The company has achieved remarkable growth, with a 25% increase in turnover and a 110% rise in pre-tax profit in the past year, with further expansion planned for 2024. Soanes Poultry's emphasis on sustainability and community engagement aligns with the values of modern, environmentally conscious consumers, underpinning their success.

Willerby Ltd

Willerby, based in Hull and East Yorkshire, is the UK's leading manufacturer of static caravans, lodges, and residential park homes. Their success is driven by top-quality products, innovative design, and a strong commitment to sustainability. In 2022, they achieved record-breaking financial results, with revenues surpassing £200 million. Their Willerby GreEN Standard reduces energy consumption by up to 28%, while the all-electric Willerby All-E model promotes a transition to green energy. Willerby values customer feedback, actively supports their community, and prioritises staff wellbeing

Business Person of the Year

Daniel Casey - Sapphire Signs

Sapphire Signs, a signage company established in 1996, has seen significant growth under the leadership of Managing Director Daniel Casey since 2018. The company specialises in signage solutions for clients like Boots and Wren Kitchens. Daniel's focus on employee well-being, mentorship, and apprenticeship programmes has driven success. He also supports work flexibility for staff returning from maternity leave. Beyond work, he sponsors local sports and charity events, earning respect in the industry for his dedication and leadership.

Tony Prescott - GTS UK

Tony Prescott's impact on GTS UK is undeniable. Over eight years, he transformed the company from a home-based startup to an international logistics leader with a £5.5 million annual turnover. Under his leadership, the company achieved significant growth across various service segments, including a 70% increase in overall revenue. He's addressing pressing industry needs like green intermodal solutions and customs expertise, benefitting both GTS UK and its clients. Tony's exceptional relationship-building skills with key clients like Aldi have substantially boosted the company's fortunes. Moreover, his commitment to a positive work environment and employee development sets him apart as a visionary leader.

Andy Sykes - Siemens Gamesa

Siemens Gamesa's Hull Blade Factory, under the leadership of Andy Sykes, is the UK's largest wind turbine blade manufacturer. Since 2016, it has produced 108-metre blades for projects like Hornsea 2. Sykes' leadership emphasises safety, efficiency, and punctuality. He's introduced innovative performance management and talent development strategies while actively engaging in the community. Andy's commitment to the offshore wind industry and the Humber region has created sustainable jobs, raised charity funds, and advanced the production of clean, renewable energy for future generations.

Environment and Sustainability Award

John Good Group

John Good Group, a Hull-based family business founded in 1833, achieved operational carbon neutrality across its businesses in 2022, serving as a beacon of sustainability in the shipping and travel industry. They transitioned to renewable energy, introduced electric vehicles, and undertook rigorous supplier sustainability evaluations. Collaborating with Climate Impact Partners, they offset emissions by supporting projects aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Their continued dedication to emissions reduction, customer involvement, and sustainability training exemplifies their holistic approach to making a positive environmental impact.

Premier Modular

Premier Modular, an industry leader in modular construction, is revolutionising the construction landscape with its eco-conscious practices and innovative products. Established in 1956, they prioritise sustainability, aiming for net-zero operations by 2035. Their offsite construction techniques reduce waste, carbon emissions, and energy consumption. Zero waste ends up in landfills, and all energy used in their factories is green. Premier Modular holds the prestigious ESG certification, and recent audits have rated them 'Excellent' across 43 ESG categories. Their buildings are designed for reusability and feature sustainable elements, reducing carbon emissions.

Pure Renewables

Pure Renewables, established in 2007, champions environmental sustainability. They specialise in low-carbon heating technologies, reducing emissions and energy costs. Their ISO 14001 accreditation, acquired in 2016, underscores responsible waste management. Eco-friendly practices include a solar-powered office and an EV fleet, leading to reduced CO2 emissions. The company also promotes responsible recycling, energy-efficient lighting, and paperless operations. In 2022, they delivered the UK's largest water-source heat pump, making an impressive environmental impact. Future plans include transitioning to hybrid/EV vehicles, adopting air source heat pumps, and expanding EV charging infrastructure, while promoting sustainable commuting and remote work.

Global Britain Award

Adams & Green

Adams & Green, a family-owned company in North Cave, East Yorkshire, is a successful feed fat producer. Founded in 2011, it provides high-quality products to UK feed compounders, farms, pet food manufacturers, and feed merchants. Adams & Green specialises in feed fats that enhance animal health and performance. Their growth results from research, international collaboration, and efficient global trade practices. This journey from a regional player to a global leader in animal nutrition and international trade bolsters the UK's global standing through innovation, sustainability, and collaboration.


Reckitt, a global powerhouse, operates in 68 countries across six continents, uniting a diverse staff of 40,000 in the pursuit of making high-quality health, wellness, and nutrition a universal right. Founded in Hull in 1840, it's now one of nine global centres of excellence. The Hull campus, with over 1,800 staff, leads innovation and production for brands like Strepsils, sold in over 50 countries. The Hull factory generates £650 million in revenue, exporting essential products worldwide. Reckitt's global impact extends beyond profit, addressing global challenges and supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Growth Award

Innovation Award

Adams & Green

North Cave-based Adams & Green (A&G) excels in delivering high-quality animal feed products with a focus on sustainability. Founded in 2011, they continuously innovate, offering tailored solutions to meet the evolving needs of their customers. A&G's products include Leciol®, Easiflo, Easiflo+, DairyFlo®, and the new Aquaflo®, all designed to improve animal health and reduce feed costs. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in the soy-based DairyFlo® and Aquaflo®, which adheres to non-GMO standards. A&G's emphasis on quality assurance, excellence, and innovation sets them apart in the industry.

iHelios Living Reinvented Ltd

iHelios Living Reinvented Ltd, a leading innovator in sustainable heating, has redefined the industry with its iHelios Heating Film. This groundbreaking Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) film technology emits far-infrared waves, reducing energy consumption and maximising space. iHelios's smart home integration further enhances efficiency and user control. Its innovative approach prevents mould growth, allergens, and condensation, making it a pivotal choice in the UK's shift away from gas boilers. iHelios's forward-thinking solutions offer a promising path towards a more sustainable future.


Reckitt's DNA is steeped in innovation, from Frederic Reckitt's groundbreaking laundry starch formulations in 1847 to today's cutting-edge research. In Hull, their Pilot Plant, Analytical Lab, Formulation Lab, and Stability Facility lead drug development globally. Reckitt's category structure accelerates product delivery. Innovations like Fybocalm and Gutshield™ technology improve consumer health. Investment in systems, like the PAS-X platform, reduces paperwork and enhances efficiency. Collaborations with academics, startups, and suppliers amplify their disruptive innovations. Reckitt's "Ignite with Reckitt" Innovation Hub welcomes external partners to co-create, reinforcing their mission to create a cleaner, healthier world through innovation.

Rising Star Award

Joe Bannister - Cloud Design Box

Joe Bannister, from Cloud Design Box, boasts remarkable achievements. Starting as a Support Engineer Apprentice in 2020, Joe swiftly rose to Deputy Support Manager, reflecting his dedication. In one year, he handled 467 support tickets, excelling in technical prowess and customer care. He also mentors colleagues, revamps onboarding processes, and won the "Over and Above" award twice in the past year. At just 22, Joe's promotion to Deputy Support Manager is a testament to his meticulous approach and personalised staff development. He's a collaborative and inspiring figure, making him an invaluable asset to the company.

Chelsea Gill - Good Travel Management Ltd

Chelsea Gill's journey with Good Travel Management has been extraordinary. Starting as an apprentice in 2014, she rose to Senior Business Travel Consultant. Clients consistently praise her, with a recent survey returning a 100% 5-star review. Chelsea actively promotes the company through video projects and social media. Her expertise in GDS systems and mentorship have delivered impressive results for her team. She has been the highest-selling consultant for five consecutive years, demonstrating a unique ability to enhance margins and coach colleagues.

Harry Hall - Attention to Detail

Harry Hall, the young entrepreneur behind Attention to Detail Automotive (ATD), has left a lasting impact on East Yorkshire's automotive scene. ATD meticulously restores and enhances vehicles by correcting paint imperfections. Harry's exceptional attention to detail, along with cutting-edge tools and techniques, results in defect-free, high-clarity finishes. Furthermore, ATD provides vital paint protection film (PPF) services, safeguarding vehicles from daily wear and tear. Harry's journey, beginning at 16, led to the establishment of a state-of-the-art detailing studio and raised the industry standard in East Yorkshire.

Small Business of the Year

Alessandro Caruso Architecture & Interiors Ltd

Alessandro Caruso Architects (ACA) is a healthcare-focused architectural firm, driven by a mission to enhance people's wellbeing through design. Founded by Alex and Amelia Caruso, ACA has grown successfully over nearly a decade, with a diverse team and an equal gender split. The firm invests in staff development, including VR technology for improved design communication. ACA has achieved a 100% client retention rate and earned industry recognition with various awards. They are expanding into commercial, residential, and education sectors while maintaining a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and community support.

INIT Creative

INIT Creative, a pioneering digital solutions provider in Hull, specialises in video production, animation, graphics, and web development. Their state-of-the-art film studio hosts advanced tech, including AI robots and VR headsets. They serve prestigious clients like WPBSA, Hull City Council, and the BBC, amplifying their messages across platforms. Beyond business, INIT Creative engages in community initiatives, partnering with Hull City Council and Hull and East Riding Mind. They've also established the charity Reel Creative to empower underprivileged children with immersive experiences and creative training.

Sowden & Sowden

Sowden & Sowden, a seasoned Hull-based digital marketing agency, celebrates 40 years of success. They've triumphed through economic recessions, a devastating fire, and Brexit. Their united, ego-free approach has yielded a 40% year-on-year growth in turnover. They deploy digital recruits, invest in staff training, and focus on digital best practices. Sowden & Sowden's warrior philosophy emphasises innovation and intelligent strategy, delivering remarkable results for clients. They also have a significant positive social impact, supporting sustainability initiatives and nurturing emerging talent.

Unsung Hero

James Halls - OSHI

James plays a pivotal role in OSHI, a recovery initiative addressing addiction and mental health support. He actively challenges stigma and fosters change through public speaking and expert panels. His journey from addiction to recovery, coupled with his resilience, has been instrumental in OSHI's expansion. He inspires change through personal experiences, supporting numerous individuals and influencing research and academia. His unwavering dedication and expertise make him an ideal leader for this transformative work.

Darren Howden - John Good Group

Founded in 1833, Hull's John Good Group values people, the planet, and performance. Darren, who joined as an IT Support Analyst in 2011 and now serves as IT Manager, shone during the pandemic by rapidly transitioning over 100 employees to remote work, overseeing a major IT infrastructure overhaul, and ensuring smooth office relocations. Colleagues praise his support and knack for simplifying tech jargon. Beyond work, he assists colleagues and donates IT equipment to causes like The Peel Project CIC.

Alex Webster - City Health Care Partnership

Alex Webster is a Service Lead at City Health Care Partnership CIC's Care Coordination Hub in Hull. With five years of service, she's risen from Team Leader to Service Lead, demonstrating unwavering dedication. Alex provides outstanding support in challenging situations, both professionally and personally, prioritising her colleagues' well-being. Despite personal hardships, she's ensured service continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic, exemplifying leadership and teamwork. Her relentless efforts in the background to improve the team make her a true asset to the organisation.

Outstanding Contribution
This award recognises an immense sustained contribution to business, society and the community across a number of years and will be revealed on the night.